How to install roon on the external ssd harddisc

i installed sucessfully on my late 2011 macbook pro harddisc and playing music nicely, however, i do like to install it on an external ssd harddisc as per the suggestion fm Roon, however in vain.

i downloaded the roon package and drag the roon.dmg to the ssd, open it and it said the software is corrupted and suggest to throw it to the trash.

any advise?


Perhaps the download was corrupted? Have you tried a fresh download and try again?

i did several times and got the same result, but i sucessfully installed it and using now after i draged the downloaded app to application, i.e. the software is now installed on the laptop harddisc but not the exteneral ssd drive

On a Windows PC (and I think a MAC also), I think that Roon installs itself to set internal locations and cannot be installed to an external drive.

You might upgrade your macbook pro internal hard disc to an ssd.

got it. thanks