How to Install Roon Web Controller extension on ROCK?

As the title indicates, I need guidance on howto install Roon Web Controller extension on ROCK.
Any help is appreciated from the community and @Mike_Plugge


you can’t install anything on ROCK. Extensions have to be installed on another computer. Instructions for Windows are in this thread:

Once that is set up (or Linux equivalent) Extensions can be enabled in ROCK.

there are also instructions for a Pi install:

Thanks, appreciated

Has anything changed regarding the installation of Roon Web Controller on Roon Rock? I really want to continue using the Web Controller after installing Roon Rock because the Roon Controller application for all platforms is inaccessible to blind people. Thank you for your help. robert

+1. Any update on that front?

Rock doesn’t host extensions, it won’t do.

Hello, I’ve been using Roon Rock for over 6 months. Works great. I have Roon Extension Manager installed on a computer with Windows 10, which I use every day. I run Roon Web Controler on this computer where I have REM installed. It works very stable. Only after running Roon Rock you need to wait 2 minutes for the Web Controller to be ready for operation. Currently, Mike is working on version 2.0 of the Web Controller, which is to have an even more friendly interface for people using screenreader. So the answer is that it works. It’s enough to have Roon Extension Manager installed on any device in our local network and it doesn’t have to be Roon Rock. Although such integration would be convenient.
Regards Robert


Hi Robert thanks for great answer,

In your setup REM will then be talking to Core on ROCK or a Core running on your Windows? I was assuming it does talk to Core on same machine which may not be in sync with ROCK settings and library-wise

These are separate computers. I bought Intel NUC 8 gen and installed Rock OS (Roon Rock) on it. I keep the Qnap music library on NAS. Everything is automatically synchronized. I set the library search on the NAS every 1 hour. The only problem is sometimes, although it is very rarely necessary to re-authenticate the Web Controller in the (native application) Roon Controller. My wife helps me with this. Roon Extension manager is installed on a computer with Windows 10. This computer is used for everyday work. I have an open tab in Google Chrome with a Web Controller and there I choose the music to listen to.
Regards Robert

If you QNAP supports it you can install extensions in a container on the QNAP. This is what I do as the QNAP is on 24x7

I even installed Docker Container but I got stuck at this step and I can’t install Roon Extension Manager. This is because the Qnap interface is hostile to screenreaders. My Qnap works 24/7. It would probably work faster and connect more stable with Roon Core. A sighted person please help and we’ll see. Although, when I have REM installed on a Windows computer, I have a greater sense of control and remedies if REM spills out.
Regards Robert