How to integrate new DAC as roon bridge?

We have developed our own dac and would like to integrate it with roon. Main controller is an RPi with i2s in/out to/from a dac equipped with DSP. Everything inside a box. We have our own custom rpi-dac driver installed in the raspbian OS.

I have looked at node-roon-api and understand that it should be used to control the dac. But am I wright that I also need to integrate separate raat software on our RPi in order to let a roon server stream audio through internet to the RPi and through our rpi-dac driver (have looked at the raat-folder existing in the HifiBerry OS)?

Roon Integration Guide talks about RAAT SDK and that it is provided through github, but I can’t find it. Is it node-roon-api? What is the purpose of node-roon-api-transport?


PS. I have a complimentary roon subscription

You can control the transport. This means: play, stop, forwad, backward, mute, shuffle and many other functions.

Cool. Have you created an account here?

Yes. Hoped for raat sdk and documentation but found nothing.

Thank’s, i.e. audio streamer control. But am I right that node-roon-api-transport is not the component that transforms at piece of hardware to a roon endpoint? For that we need something else. Something that can handle the raat protocol?

Download roon-bridge on your Pi and you will see the soundcard as a playback device in Roon.

Send a private message to @brian

Ahhh…of course

Remember that you can’t distribute/sell your DAC/Rpi with the generic RoonBridge on the device. The bridge must be installed by the enduser or via some sort of “first use routine”.
The Roon RAAT sdk can lead to Roon Ready (certification). Certified RAAT can of course be pre-installed.

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What kind of regulation is that? Never heared of it :thinking:

It’s part of the license for Roon Bridge.

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Indeed. Roon Ready certification requires that you use their RAAT SDK instead of Roon Bridge. The latter cannot be shipped in any commercial capacity (and likely beyond that too).

Honestly, the topic starter should just take this offline and discuss options directly with Roon. Like any other dac manufacturer out there.


Please share a link.

Thank you, this document I know.
I miss a statement regarding roon-bridge. This is free software and I expected terms for licensing it…

Exactly, @alexander_jaworowski and @DrCWO , send a private message to @danny or @brian

They will guide you with correct process

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It clearly states that roon software cannot be distributed for commercial use.

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Agreed. I shared the link he needs to use to begin working with Roon Labs. I think that’s all that’s needed.

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That’s good to know. Thanks.