How to keep playlists synced?

Hi, I’m using Roon with Qobuz and can’t figure out how to use playlists. I see that my Qobuz playlists are imported, but when I try to add songs to a playlist it says I have no playlists. If I save a local copy of playlist then I can add to it, but this kind of defeats the point since I want the playlists to stay synced. I can’t use the Roon app on iOS because it’s very buggy and keeps freezing, so in the car i’m still using Qobuz. Hopefully there’s a way to keep playlists synced?


Sorry, but there is not a way to do that. This feature has been requested a lot but Qobuz and Tidal integration are much deeper than with other apps, so it takes a while and they are a small team

Strange that a feature that’s requested often hasn’t yet been implemented. I’m wondering what’s the difficulty with implementing? Songshift and Tunemymusic allow for 2 way syncing with Qobuz and Tidal, so the capability is there with the API. Why would I pay $12 a month for a service that can’t even sync playlists? I’m really failing to see the value of Roon here. It seems to be only worth it if you use it exclusively, but then what if you’re not at home or in the car? Then you have all your playlists out of sync since Roon doesn’t sync them back.


Yeah, I hear ya but different people have different needs so it is a big deal for some, but not for many others. Roon doesn’t have cloud service, so it won’t work in the car anyways. You have to be able to connect to your Roon core. So your phone is a remote control and an end point when you are at home, but once you are disconnected from your home network, your phone can’t access Roon. But since you have to use the Qobuz app for car use, you can just make the playlists in Qobuz, which will then be imported into Roon.

That’s exactly the annoying missing MUST HAVE function which I would like to be solved by ROON. I’m surfing day after day through music with all the great opportunities which ROON offers to discover music. That means I’m creating playlists, flagging my favorites and so on in Roon. When I’m leaving my home all this is unavailable.

Please, please ROON change your priorities and get this SYNC from ROON to Qobuz implemented.

Even better would be an ROON offline function of Roon. :star_struck:

Many thanks