How to limit Qobuz sample rate

Delighted Qobuz now on Roon. My slow internet connection struggles to stream 192khz sometimes though: I encountered a problem where an album is available at 192khz. Roon tried to stream it but my internet connection is too slow so it stops after a few seconds and skips to the next track. Then does the same for each subsequent track. Is there anyway to tell Roon to limit the sample rate to 96khz or less as you can in the Qobuz app?


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Don’t think you can, much the same for Tidal it will provide you the max for the level your subscribed at. Why have the higher tier if you cant use it?

It makes me feel superior.

I wonder if they could implement such a facility?

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I want to limit the sample rate to 96 kHz no matter what my subscription allows me.

In Qobuz desktop it’s possible to choose your max rate, please can you set this choice in Roon ?


+1 (Yes, I want this feature, too.)


In my case, I’m able to stream at 24/192 through the official app but it doesn’t work well with Roon. The stream is interrupted after a few seconds. No issue with 24/96.


Agree this is a good idea. Can think of quite a few scenarios (endpoint restrictions, internet connection speed) where this is helpful. Considered suggesting that it could take the settings from Qobuz, but not even sure if these are set per app / client (probably?) in which case it makes non sense - and even if there is a global setting I am not convinced it would add anything to letting Roon have its own setting?

Yes I need this as my broadband is still shakey.

Same here. Frontier sucks. It chokes on 192, but can do 96.

So do I understand correctly that Qobuz cannot be sample rate limited in Roon?

No. Since Roon 1.7, you can control this through the drop-down box in:

Main Menu —> Settings —> Services —> Edit Qobuz


Thanks. I’m thinking of giving streaming a try (I only use my local library) and am gathering info on Qobuz.