How to link correct composition

(Rudi) #1

We have discussed about the issues around classical metadata before.

For the past four hours I have worked to correctly tag the following album, so roon can recognize the compositions contained in it.

The box is not contained in the roon database, so I did what everyone recommends. I went to and copy / pasted the “official” composition and movement designations as listed on to the album tracks.
Lo and behold, most of the compositions were correctly identified. But with some roon seems to struggle for reasons I do not comprehend.

I labelled Psyché with the metadata I got from as shown in the screenshot above. roon does indeed list Psyché as a composition, but as one unique to my Barenboin / Orchestre de Paris album. However in roon there exists another entry for Psyché, which is the following:

The title of the roon composition is exactly the same as the one in my metadata, yet roon stubbornly refuses to attribute the correct composition to my tracks.

roon PLEASE:

  • clean up the process of how roon identifies compositions. How hard can this be. There are a finite number of classical compositions. Doing a fuzzy match should lead to the correct match in most of the cases. In my case the match is not even fuzzy it is exact
  • give us a way to browse the “official” roon database of compositions
  • give us a way to manually link a number of tracks to a composition from that database

I am not very hopeful. I am expecting the following reaction from roon (thrilled if I am proven wrong):

  • thank you for your valuable feedback, we are aware of the problem
  • this is an extremely difficult problem to solve, as we are dependent of third parties such as, Rovi etc. for our metadata
  • we are continuously working to improve the quality of our metadata, but cannot give you any timeline as to when your particular issue will be solve
(JohnV) #3

I assume you have correctly tagged the latest Psyche. Now, go to the other Psyche and tell us what you see.

Edit that composition, and inspect the actual composition title carefully. Is it identical to New Psyche? Can the Old Psyche tags be edited? If so, check its tags and correct as necessary.

BTW, “snark” never works here; I know. :slight_smile:

(JohnV) #4

Update: just checked Allmusic. There are two Psyche compositions:

Maybe Roon, you, your tagging, or a combination of these have conflated the two compositions.

(Rudi) #5

Thanks a million, John. You have pointed me in the right direction. Sorry for the “snark”, but this stuff really is frustrating - and roon’s opaque way of functioning and lack of access to the data behind all of it do not really help. It is a bit like shooting pigeons in the dark.

So be it I have also learned something about allmusic through this. That a composer is an artist and cannot be searched for separately. I did find your list with the two Psyches in the end.

It seems that some conductors play the full Psyché and some an abbreviated version, which would explain the two listings in One is the full and one the abbreviated one.
I have not been able to find anything specific about the shorter version on the web. The full version clearly is FWV 47. But that is not what Barenboim plays.

Again, thanks for your help.

(JohnV) #6

No worries here. I know all too well the frustrations you are experiencing. I once had two sets of Ravel’s Bolero, each linked to different metadata. That’s a half-day I’ll never get back.

And, BTW, interesting piece, Psyche. Got my first exposure to it courtesy of your post. Thanks!

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(Rudi) #7

Listening to the full version by Tadaaki Otaka right now… thanks to this episode.
Simply beautiful.

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