How to locate Tidal playlists

I’m a Tidal subscriber, but I only ever listen through Roon. I get regular mailings from Tidal and occasionally learn about playlists I want to listen to. But when I search for them in Roon, I can never find them. Example: World Cafe: New Tunes from Around the Globe. When I search using the only method I know how–upper right–it doesn’t return Tidal playlists. Help?

Hi Jim,

As far as I know, you can’t search for Tidal playlists in Roon. Maybe post your request in Feature Request forum.

Anyway, a workaround is to install the Tidal app and search for it there. Then click the star to favourite it. It will eventually show in Roon.

Cheers, Greg

Thanks Greg. When favorited Tidal playlists eventually show up in Roon, where do I find them? I can display playlists by “Moods,” or New, Recommended, or Exclusive. I don’t see where “Favorites” will show up.


Hi Jim,

Once it’s in Roon, you can view it under Playlists on the left hand menu.

Cheers, Greg

OK, so Tidal playlists, once favorited show up as Roon playlists. Cool–thanks.

Just want to show my support for this feature. I just got a playlist notification about Tidal’s 360 Reality Audio but can’t play it in Roon.

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