How to make a folder 'primary'? [Solved]

Hi all,

I have duplicated files on two locations, one via USB and one on my SSD card. I would like to make sure that all the folders that are on my SSD card are the primary ones- how can I do this?


Make the folder on the SSD card a Watched folder and don’t do anything in Roon with the USB folder. Roon will play from the SSD and you can keep the USB as backup.

Thanks, thing is, I have many, many more files on the USB. But some of these files I have duplicated to the SSD as well for better performance.

So I could remove the ones from the USB, I guess, but just wondering if there’s another way…

I don’t really see how having the audio files on SSD helps performance … having the Roon Database does but not the audio files themselves. Anyway that aside…

I’m assuming you are using this USB drive with other software on other devices hence needing all the files on it.
If not then you could just remove the duplicate files from the USB driver.

Alternatively, if you don’t wish to remove them … then this is an option using 3 Roon watched folders then just moving your files around to the appropriate folder:

  • SSD: Watched Duplicated file (enabled)
  • USB: Watched Duplicated file (disabled)
  • USB: Watched Non-duplicated file (enabled)

PS Roon does allow one to hide albums but in this case I think the process of manually hiding each individual album in in would be to cumbersome to maintain… hence the suggested 3 watched folders option.

Yes I ended up doing that. Thank you Carl!

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