How to make files available for Convolution?

Trying to load a .zip file for convolution, I get an error message (see screenshot), requesting to open Roon. However, I don’t find a way to do so since this application just enables a launch and nothing else. So what’s the way to do it right?

Core on headless MacMini with MacOs 10.15.6., Roon 1.7 (build 610). No Antivirus software, Firewall and File Vault off. Room remote on iPad Air, Audio Device NAD C 658.

I think you need a pc or Mac to load the filters.

Have on. Forgot screenshot to show, sorry.

Hi @Bodo_Vollhardt, you need to be in Roon’s DSP engine to make this happen, here’s the KB page:

As @ged_hickman1 suggests you’ll need to use a Mac or PC version of the Roon Client to do this.

I have done that- to no avail.

You can’t use your iPad client to do this, it has to be running on a Mac or a PC to upload the filters unfortunately, which is what the dialog is telling you.

Appreciate your reply but do not understand. Ronn is running on my Mac, the files for upload are there too- so what else do I need to do? Pardon my ignorance that this is not obvious to me.

Sorry @Bodo_Vollhardt, you need to be running the Roon remote application on the Mac itself, put another way if you have your iPad in your hand you’re doing it wrong. Don’t worry it’s not always intuitive.

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Ok, thank you. That’s news to me, will try it out.

Good luck :slight_smile:

Thank you, Carl for your helpful suggestions.Installing Roon also on a second Mac, I managed to load a convolution file from that Mac. That way, I now have Roon on two Macs:

Is that the correct way getting a convolution file loaded when using a headless MacMini as the core? Would prefer to have a simpler setting.
P.s. The setting is not stable. Lost my Audio zones after finishing the remote on my IMAC:

Need to restart Roon’s core to get them back.

Hi @Bodo_Vollhardt, I’m not accustomed to Mac / PC installations generally but have had to install Roon Remote on a Mac to upload headphone filters. I use a headless Linux box for my server as that’s the OS I use the most/exclusively. This thread has more to say on the subject and also reveals my lack of expertise:

Thanks again, Carl. Haven’t been able to fix the issue with stability, but having gotten my convolution files in place, I will just de-install Roon on my Imac and get back my stability. Agreed with what you said in the post you linked: “The full Roon app is something of a closed book for me.”

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