How to make Roon choose the highest audio quality available

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I have a an iTunes library that I just imported into Roon. This library contains some files that I ripped a long time ago, so long ago that I actually ripped them at lower quality to save HD space (192 kbps).

I run Roon with a Tidal Premium account and some of the music from the iTunes playlist that was ripped at low quality is now available in TIDAL premium as either full CD quality or Tidal Master, but when I search for the album in Roon, it finds my low quality ripped one and not the high quality TIDAL version.

How do I force Roon to go out on Tidal and find the higher quality track and use that instead of the low quality ripped version?

Do you add the tidal version to your library?

Hi @Jack_West,

Once you’ve selected an album you can navigate to the Versions tab to see what other versions are available. Here you can add these versions to your library and even choose which one is the Primary Version.

Please note that there is no way to have Roon automatically add other versions of existing albums and change the primary version. This will need to be done on a per-album basis.

Got it. That works. Thanks!

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