How to make Roon play low-res of Tidal

Hi, Although I have subscribed to Tidal hifi but time to time I like Roon to play low-res MP3 or AAC of Tidal for sake of casual listening on my desktop or to free some bandwidth. Is there any way to do that? Thanks

Only if you have that tier if you have hifi it will always play hifi I believe .

Try playing via the web player rather than the app.

well I can play with Tidal own app of course but the points to use Roon is to have access to all my music on hard dk too.

And radio and Roon interface…

You have to use the Tidal app and change the quality setting there. Next track played in Roon after this change will be at the new quality setting.

Thanks but not working this way: Still cd-quality.

That’s the way it should work and works for me each time I try it. Try setting to to “normal” quality in Tidal app then choosing a different Tidal album completely in Roon.

Actually, just tried it to confirm and you’re right, it stays at ”Hi-fi" quality regardless. I’m positive it used to honour the Tidal settings.