How to make Roon recognize separate folders on NAS

Long time reader and first time poster. I’ve scoured rather deep to find my answer, but can’t seem to find it.

Question…I’m setting up a new Synology NAS. I’ve successfully got it pointed to the music folder and the files are loading. However, I have 3 folders in my music directory. FLAC’s, HD music, and SACD’s. My previous setup had an external drive connected to my mac mini. All worked fine except I could never search or select just SACD’s, or other folders independently. They are all mixed together. Obviously I can use the “Focus” feature, but this still doesn’t give me a clean view of these folders like Jriver or a file app on either my PC or Mac mini.

I’m sure I’m missing an obvious and simple solution, but my tech skills are clearly limited. Much in advance for any advice folks.

Thanks for reaching out, @Ryan_Arnold!

There are a couple of options available to you here. As you mentioned, you can use Focus to select a specific format.

Alternatively, you can use the Filter by Path function in the Track Browser. This will allow you to see only tracks that are located in that specific path.

To take it one step further, once you’ve done this filter, you can apply a Tag to the tracks at this path. This will allow you to easily pull up those tracks (and you can select this tag from the Album browser too).

I hope this helps!


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Perfect! I’ll give that a shot. Thanks Dylan.

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Are each of your folders on the NAS added as a separate storage location in Roon settings? If so, in focus/inspector/storage locations they will show up seprarately and you could then use focus and then create a bookmark for them.

Another great idea. I had no clue you could pick a folder like that. Much thanks.

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