How to make roon "unidentify" an album?

roon has misidentified a live album as a studio album because it has the same track list as the studio album even though the track timings are different. There are no hits for the live album in the “Identify Album” dialogs invoked from the Album editor.

I’ve tried overriding individual tags in then “EDIT ALBUM” tab of the Album editor, and changed all metadata preferences to “prefer file” in the “METADATA PREFERENCE” tab, to no avail. Some of these changes are reflected in the album listing, but the live album still has the title, description, credits, and so on, of the studio album. When filtering albums in “My Albums” by the Inspector property “Identified”, the live album is shown, i.e., it is still “identified”.

I’ve considered removing the album from disk, purging old metadata in “Settings | Library | Library Maintenance”, and move the album back, but expect roon will identify it again as I can’t see how to stop it other than going offline, in which case it will eventually identify it when online in the future.

How can I make roon “unidenfity” this album?

What’s the album?

By “identifying” it as such. First of, it would probably be much better if you could overrule Roon’s identification and point it to the right album instead (assumes that the right album is known to Roon of course).

If you can’t point Roon to the right release, just tell Roon that when identifying the album and you end-up with an unidentified one. Had it last described (last sentence) in:

To summarize the last sentence of the post you linked to, the way to “unidentify” an album is to

  • press the “None of these looks right” button at the bottom of the “Identify album” dialog
  • press the “None of these looks right” button at the bottom of the next (search) dialog that comes up prompting for an artist and title to search for
  • press the “Use basic File information” button on the next dialog


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