How to make sure cover art appears (unidentified)?

I’m using a Roon Nucleus. All firmware and software are up to date.

I receive a lot of pre-release music, usually in the form of files, often but not always .wav. Usually a cover image is included. Because it’s pre-release, Roon can’t recognize the album. Usually I just make sure images (including the cover image) are included in the folder with the music and the cover art shows up, but it doesn’t always work. I’m providing one example here, below.

Recently I found an old post suggesting that cover art should instead be in a separate folder called “artwork” alongside the tracks, so I tried that, too: No dice.

Here’s an image of the nested music folders (you’ll see that there are several images; the front-cover image is the largest):

and here’s what I see in Roon immediately after forcing a rescan:

So how do I fix this?


Does this help?

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Your screenshot shows four images, so Roon is seeing these and should display them (click text to view). To get the album cover to show, just renaming the one for ‘…FRONT.jpg’ to Folder.jpg should enable Roon to use it as the album cover automatically.

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A post by Mike,

seems to imply that if there is more than one image in the folder, and Roon doesn’t know which one is the front, then it won’t use one of them at all.

I considered this but rejected it. It provides a solution, but sort of an unsatisfactory one, in one respect: The art is already in the folder, but using this approach doesn’t allow me to select it from there. What I want to do is point to the art inside the file, and I couldn’t do that. So, fine, but I didn’t like that solution much.

? I don’t read it that way, and I’m sure that somewhere I saw a note that said that it chooses the largest image (proxy for higher quality?). In this case, the largest image is the front-cover image.

Rename the front image in folder.jpg or cover.jpg
Rename the rear image in back.jpg

I was so sure this would work (and the earlier suggestion from Tony Bates) that I was ready to mark it as the solution without trying it first. But I went ahead and tried it (This is a screenshot from the NAS):

and it still doesn’t show. I rescanned twice:

Have a look at this: Screenshot from the NAS:

(I decided to get rid of the “artwork” directory and put the image files directly in that folder’s root.)

See the second folder? Cover art shows up for that one:

Weird, right? Still doesn’t show up for the first. So I thought I’d get heavy-handed and try calling the cover “FRONT_COVER.jpg”. I even tried changing .jpg to jpeg, since that’s how it was done in the second case. Forced rescan again. But none of this worked.

That album cover file large by any chance? I get this all the time with covers from Apple Music, which can be anywhere from 2-30mb.