How to make this connection with only one Ethernet port

If I had a Nucleus+ I would like to use it with my Ultra Rendu as has been mentioned in some reviews. I think the way to do that is connected like this:

Nucleus > Ethernet > Ultra Rendu > USB > DAC

How do you do that with just one Ethernet port, since the Nucleus needs to be connected to your network with the one port?

In this John Darko review he he used the Nucleus with a Signature Rendu

The sonicTransporter i7 has two Ethernet ports and in this video at about one minute in is the explanation on connecting with a Rendu

Sorry, not in line with the response you’re after but does your DAC have hdmi in? When trialling a nucleus+ i found the hdmi out from it was the cleanest signal. And by a margin. This was into an Oppo 205.
hdmi > oppo
better than
Ethernet > switch w/ LPS > allo digione to spdif > oppo

(The digione path was batter than straight Ethernet into the oppo in a differwnt comparison)

This is exactly what Ethernet switches are for.

Good luck!

Connecting the mRendu or the Ultra Rendu directly to the Ethernet port of the Nucleus or any PC is a corruption of the device’s design.

Its purpose is to be a transport mechanism, not a USB decrapifier.

Nucleus > Ethernet > Switch > Ultra Rendu > USB > DAC

Connect your gateway (ISP router) to the switch. All you need is a Netgear GS108 or equivalent.

Thanks Martin. So the Ethernet port on the Nucleus works as both input and output. Interesting.

Nucleus < > Ethernet < > Switch > Ethernet > Ultra Rendu > USB > DAC

Ethernet is how we connect a computer to a network of other computers and networked devices such as Nucleus. Any computer on the same network can send data to another. The ISP will have provided you with a router. This connects your home network to the Internet and most likely has a few Ethernet ports for connecting local devices. A switch allows you to connect more devices to your home network so they may send and recieve data.

The Nucleus can talk to the Ultra Rendu and your ISP router using a single Ethernet port.

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Serious question. Why do many audiophiles insist upon treating – pun intended – an Ethernet connection like it is a unidirectional S/PDIF connection? This is endemic, and it demonstrates an almost complete disregard for computer networking principles.


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AJ speaking only for myself you are right, sort of. It was not my insisting that an Ethernet connection was a one way conduit. It was my lack of networking knowledge and understanding. I learned a lot in this discussion.

I don’t think that Audiophile comment was aimed at you at all :grinning:
Learners aren’t raged at here (well generally not)

I think the thread just triggered a general comment about those who do know what ethernet is but treat it as that which it is not.

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No I didn’t take it that way a all. I’m truly grateful for the input and the learning. Thanks!


Looking at the Nucleus manual and see that the USB ports can be used as an Ethernet port with an adapter:

USB 3.0 ports (2)

  • Can be used for connecting:
    • USB storage drive
    • USB audio device
    • USB network adapter

Then in another part of the manual:

Audio Devices
Roon can output audio to devices in the following ways:

  1. Devices connected directly to Nucleus by USB**
    If you plan to use a DAC, headphone amp, A/V receiver, integrated amplifier, or active speaker system connected directly to Nucleus via USB, connect them to one of the ports on the back panel of the Nucleus and make sure it’s powered on.
  2. Devices connected directly to Nucleus by HDMI**
    If you have an A/V receiver or other device with an HDMI audio input, you can connect the HDMI output on the back panel of the Nucleus to it. The HDMI output supports both stereo and multi-channel audio content.
  3. Network audio devices**
    More and more audio devices of all kinds (active speakers, DACs, integrated amplifiers, and A/V receivers) have networking capabilities. If you have any Roon Ready, AirPlay, Sonos, or other supported streaming audio devices, you should check that they are connected to your network (via ethernet or WiFi as appropriate) and powered on. We recommend connecting networked audio devices via ethernet if possible.

So under Network audio devices, this would include a Sonore Rendu OR the Bridge II of a PS Audio DirectStream DAC, connected with the USB to Ethernet adapter, in my opinion.

I have both a Bridge II and Ultra Rendu the latter sounding better to me in my system currently. If I buy a Nucleus+ I would try both and see (or hear) and decide which I like better.

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