How to make unidentified device appears on Device Setup?


I am using NUC/ROCK as core wired, with wifi endpoint Auralic Aries Mini as following signal path shown in photo below. My Auralic Aries Mini is connected to Topping D90 MQA via USB, then to integrated amplifier and speaker.

MQA capabilities: Decoder and renderer
Enable MQA core decorder: OFF

On the Device Setup, there is unidentified device under audio device, I presume it should be Topping D90MQA , right ? Refer photo below, when I click on the “identify this device” , I can’t find Topping and model no. from the list .

I wish on the signal path, it should display something like below, please correct me if I am wrong.

Source: Tidal
Authentication: MQA
Streamer/Player: Auralic Aries Mini
DSP Volume:
Output: USB output
Audio Device: Topping D90 MQA