How to map a Roon unrecognized Drive?

Hi guys,

I’m using the Windows (64-Bit) version of Roon on my upgraded HP Laptop. My laptop is in good health and everything is working fine. My D: Drive is recognized by my laptop and all of the applications that need to see it. The drive itself is also in perfect working order.

The issue I have is that Roon fails to recognize my upgraded D: Drive (CD/DVD drive) on my Windows (64-Bit) based laptop and use Roon’s inbuilt “dBpoweramp” software and metadata sources that “Roon” pulls in.

Please can you tell me how I can get Roon to recognise my D: Drive, as your documentation references this issue but there is no further information on how to map a Roon unrecognized Drive?

Then please can you advise me if I will then have the ability to read a CD and import the tracks from it?

This is a major issue for me as my entire music collection is CD based (800+).
Best, Dan.

Only Roon’s Nucleus or ROCK installed on a NUC can rip CDs.

Probably more than you want, but for a user built extension that works under Roon there’s this ( not recommended for a trial user ).

Many people use dBpoweramp to rip their CDs outside of Roon and then add the rips to a Roon watched storage location.

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Can’t help, but the roon built in cd ripper is not using dbpoweramp software for ripping. (I do highly recommend actual dbpoweramp however)

Hi Slim, thank you for taking the time to give me some advice regarding Roon. I was hoping that the guys at Roon Software, yep that’s SOFTWARE would quickly show me how to map a drive that Roon Software cannot reconize, by pointing me in the direction of a short user guide in the form of a video where I could follow along at my own pace, step-by-step, and MAGIC resolve this simple issue.
I have already wasted over seven of my fourteen trial days emailing roon customer services to be sent links to their own documentation that mentons that roon my not be able to reconize all drives but fails to give any information on how to get roon to map drives that my hardware and other software can clearly see.
I just wanted roon to work out of the box with the simple ability to insert a CD in to my laptop’s D: Drive and ask if it wanted to import that CD in to my Music folder, adding or giving me the option to choose suitable Album Artwork and doing the same for Album/Track metadata. So far roon SOFTWARE is a BIG FAT, OVERPRICED BUST.
I will carry on using my tried and tested EAC (Exact Audio Copy) Ripping Software for bit or near bit perfect copying of my CD based music collection in conjunction with the metadata provider that EAC recomend.
Why is roon SOFTWARE sooh overpriced? Hell, I only buy software at a simular price point if it allows me to be creative (Adobe Creative Suite) and charge clients for my work. At least I see a return on my investment, in said software.
I feel for you all, as it seems to me at least that, the driving force behind roon has let his team drop the ball…!
All roon is doing is stiching together a lot of sources of information and music together. It’s like the CEO saw that he could create a musicly based live Excel Spredsheet pulling in info from various sources with a slick User Interface that displays the relevant infomation at your fingertips adding percived value to your own music collection.
I dare you. No, I double dare you to create a play list and listen to it in full, with your eyes closed. What has roon added to your music to enhance it? Nothing! If you look at roon purly from a music lovers point of view. Roon adds nothing of “musical value”. You are paying an awful lot of money for nothing. Oh by-the-way, Wikipedia is free. Want to find out more about your favorite band then buy a book. Anything else, become a researcher. Roon doesn’t upgrade your MP3, CD based music to recording studio standards so why waste your money. Roon doesn’t even recycle your old CDs for brand new DSDs.
Mind you. When has the music or film industry recycled your old format albums or films for the latest and greatest format of what you have already bought? Over the years I’ve bought vinyl only to be replaced with cassettes and CDs and there has never been an upgrade path. The same goes for films/movies, I’ve had VHS, DVD, Blu-Ray and now 4K UHD discs. No one has said trade in your old format and only pay half price for the latest all signing and dancing format, while we recycle and in doing so Save The Planet and save you some money in the process. We are all too easily caught on the consumer wheel (of new standards) or as the music and film/movie companies call it the Endless Wheel of Fortune…!
I just wished roon did the most basic of basic things needed i.e. read a CD from an exisiting CD/DVD drive that is already mapped, displays as such and works with every other piece of software that I have and reads said CD and allows me to compile my CD based library as roon see’s fit, so that there are no issues in the futher with my music data/tracks in the future.
Sorry but I’m really fudged off with roon.
I cannot be a roon adopter, even with a Chord Electronics Ltd set-up (or SimAudio Moon ACE) if roon cannot see a drive that I know works perfectly.
Maybe I expected too much. Insert CD, import CD, link artwork and select the correct metadata with the option to amend, store and play at my leasure.
Roon is just software. Lines of code that I suggest is badly thoughtout, written, compiled and sold for way too much “Audiophile” money. And now that the CEO has seen that there is a new revenue stream/way to get “Audiophile” money, has introduced some hardware and has you all baffeled. To, me anyway, how can I put this. It’s sh-ite software that has been now been given an outer shell (hardware) it’s very own storage unit. I just see it as “Audiophile nonsence”, sh-ite that has been rolled in glitter". Enjoy. Just remember to keep shining a spotlight on that glitter covered sh-ite, as it will keep sparkling.
Best, Dan.
PS. I cannot believe how many issues there are on this “Community Hub”. I thought that listening to music was supossed to be a pleasure not a chore.
PPS. I hope that you do not get court out with any of the many issues that I have only breifly skimmed across. I will be using bluetooth and or good old fashioned cables but not roon anytime soon…!

Ermmm right then, that’s perfectly clear.

Really, you’re making a mountain out of a mole hill.

Here’s how to do what you want.

  1. Use you CD ripping software of choice.
  2. Rip to a folder of choice, either on a NAS, on your laptop, on an external USB drive, or whatever.
  3. When all your rips are done, or whenever you want to, point to that folder in Settings==>Storage. Roon will start analyzing your music and after that you’re GTG.

What’s the difference doing it that way or doing it thru Roon?

Either way, you would have to insert one CD at a time, wait for the rip, and then insert the next CD, etc., etc.

Sorry, I don’t get your complaint.

I think the TL;DR version is, Roon doesn’t rip CDs ergo it’s over-priced.

As an aside this might be my favourite illogical rant thread so far!


Hi Ged, roon’s own documentation states that everything you need is built-in to it’s software. This means that it is stand alone software. I should not have to purchase any other software or hardware for that matter.
Roon’s own documentation is poorly written.
I cannot find any roon “The Company” videos/tutorials.
Roon’s own people, the support staff, do not reply, they leave it to “The Community” to answer new and existing users questions.
For the money asked for this product, the service/documentation and tutorial/development videos should be much better.
Just saying.

Hi Tim, I’m glad I please you with my rant.
Best, Dan.

More a stream of consciousness perhaps?

My car doesn’t come with a trailer. If I want a trailer no matter how expensive the car is, I have to source one myself. I would also be the only person who would be expecting it to come with a trailer.

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Indeed. :heart_eyes:

Hi Ged, This following excerpt from an email response from roon is just for you…!

Hey Dan,

Thanks for the quick follow up and for all the details - it’s very valuable for us to hear our users’ experiences with Roon.

Ripping CDs into Roon shouldn’t be troublesome - here’s our take on it:

Ged. All that leaves me to say is “Buyer Beware…”
Best, Dan.

While I don’t understand your main complaint, I can understand why you feel that you were mislead by the KB article you linked.

The problem is that nowhere in the article is it stated that Roon OS is only available on Roon’s Nucleus or under ROCK, otherwise referred to as a Roon OS device.

Roon running under WIN10, macOS, or any Linux OS is not Roon OS. In that case, Roon is a piece of software not an operating system.

To prevent future misunderstandings this should be made clearer. @Geoff_Coupe? .

Personally, I would have thought that the majority of people would have realised that “OS” stood for Operating System, and not therefore confuse it with Roon - the application. But hey, clearly not everyone thinks like that.

Also, that Help Center article on the CD-ROM capability of Roon OS is not meant to be read in isolation from everything else.

The starting point for most people who look to build themselves a DIY Nucleus would be to read up on ROCK and first read the introductory article on ROCK:

And the first two paragraphs of that article state:

Let’s first explain what Roon OS is, and then we can talk about Roon Optimized Core Kit.

Roon OS is a custom Linux based operating system, tailored for running Roon Server and providing a best-in-class, appliance-type user experience to host the Roon Core.

I’d say buyer do proper research and testing but hey that’s just me.

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Since when has Roon claimed to be a CD player Or even ripping software so why should it need to see an optical drive. The Nucleus has ripping capabilities but with an external USB drive aimed a loading a disc into the library not playing it.

EAC has been one of the go to rippers for years and is free, where is the issue. Db power amp is the other

Roon as far as I understood takes a digital file library , already ripped, and makes a navigable library out of it while integrating , almost invisibly, a streaming service of your choice , ie Tibal / Qobuz

If you want to play discs , or have I missed the point, buy a CD player or if you want a ripper/storage/player box there are plenty around

As far as I read it Roon wants to do what it does well and not get involved in other side aspects of the tech ie ripping. For example Roon is not a Tag Editor and has never claimed to be it provides metadata independent of the tags

No wish to rude but Roon is unlikely to be your go to player

So be it

All you say is true, but in the OP’s case he was someone completely Roon naive and the article that you referenced that explains more is not the article about CD-ROM capability in Roon.

My point is that any potential confusion and the ensuing bad feelings can be easily avoided by one simple line that explains what hardware (or in the case of ROCK, what software) the CD interface is available on.

How about it? You’re the KB editor. :slightly_smiling_face:

Er, I’m a volunteer, and not a Roon Labs employee. At the moment, the old KB is frozen, and the new Help Center system has not yet been opened to volunteers such as myself. For the moment, there is nothing that I can do.


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