How to mark a group of tracks as favourite?

how can I mark a group of tracks as favourites? I have a iTunes playlist with favourites which I want to make favourites in roon. so im marking all tracks at once and will click the favourite-symbol in the dropdown menu but nothing happens :frowning:

Create/Add to playlist ?

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that wasn’t the question :wink:

And not the answer then… :grinning::+1:

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It looks like you can favorite them individually but not all at once for some reason.
Click the three buttons at the right of each track and then hit the heart.

Not sure why the heart next to your “9 Titel” doesn’t work.
Its kind of a pain especially if you have hundreds of track in a playlist.

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well but this happens only to the one song I chose the 3 buttons from :-/

Hey @Andreas_Knoche.

Thanks so much for reporting this :pray: . Also, thank you for being so patient while our team had a chance to get back to you. I sure wish it would have been sooner…:pleading_face:

What you are experiencing seems to be a known issue. We have a ticket in for this:

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