How to mark (or note) preferred version of a Classical work?

As a classical music listener, I have a need that is not obviously (or at all ?) implemented in Roon. Besides, I feel this is an universal need for classical music listener. Here it is :

I need to note each version of a work (for example, 5th symphony of Beethoven) in my albums. I can “heart” a work, but not a version of a work. I can note a disk (1 to 5 stars), but I cannot note a work in a disk. This is not the same thing. First, in the same disk, one can have a good version of a sonata, and not so good of another. Second, when I display all versions of a work in my albums (by the “work” view), the disk notation does not appears at all.

And there is of course the need to sort this view by this note.

Am I missing something ? Or I have to make an evolution demand ? Thanks in advance for your advices and insights.


Other users have made the same remark before, myself included. Roon sadly doesn’t distinguish between a composition and a performance of a composition. This is one of a few sorely missed features for classical music listeners.

I usually heart only entire albums, very rarely tracks. There’s no way to heart a specific performance of a given composition, and search for hearted performances.


Is there already a feature demand about this ?

There are no feature demands, it’s ‘feature suggestions’… :rofl:

I am not sure, but it’s quite possible there is. I won’t bother anymore with writing suggestions. If the Roon designers really wished to do better for classical music listeners, I am sure they would know who and how to ask for suggestions.

Topic barely read , and barely active : there is too few classical listeners, I guess, including among Roon team… No chance to be implemented soon or later…

It’s odd, the list of recordings for a given work has the :heart: icon showing by the Focus function, so that would seem to imply that it would be possible to :heart: favourite recordings and then use the icon to filter the list to show only favourite recordings.

However, this function does not seem to work. For example, I’ve marked the new Pappano recording of Turandot as a favourite, yet the :heart: icon is non-functional and will not filter the list of recordings displayed on the Composition page for Turandot…

Edit: this function seems to be only for individual tracks and not albums/works? That’s not sufficient IMO…


While it is common in classical music, the same happens in other genres, too. Live performances, different recordings of the same song, nothing special too classical music here.

I dearly miss this feature (when I was using Plex for music, there was a workaround).

There is something here. Indeed, this can be used when the composition consists in a single track. I believe that this is the “heart to a track” (not to a composition version) which is in use here. Not sufficient indeed. The “heart or note to a composition version” is totally forgotten or forsaken by Roon.

Besides, it seems that there is already metadata for composition version : the popularity, which can be used for sorting in composition view. So the hard work is already done : to define the informatical object with attribute. This is a matter of adding another attribute, and ergonomy to display and handle it.

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