How to merge Artist with Track Artist

Roon isn’t connecting some artists with tracks on compilations with the main Artist identity. Track artists don’t appear in the Artists screen to perform a merge. Anything to do?

Have you tried with Search? Merge is back on Search Results.

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I’m not sure if it’s exactly the same issue. I often have to:

any album page->three dots->edit->->edit album->add primary artist (all the equivalents)

Then all the equivalents appear on the artist page and you can merge them

This is an extremely common problem with classical libraries. It has something to do with the way roon distinguishes a performer and an artist. I have absolutely no idea what the distinction is except that it creates an extremely common editing step.

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Hey guys thanks for the help. This worked. I didn’t realize you could merge from search, which is the only way to have all the right objects on-screen. Cheers!

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