How to merge artists


Ive tried alot of things but i simply cant figure out how to rid of the same artist showing up under 3 diff artist, fx: Jorn Lande from Norway, he show up as Jorn with picture, Jorn without picture and last as Jørn Lande.
I would love to have shown all albums under the artist : Jorn, is that possiple??


You should be able to do it in Artist view.
First, be aware of the unintended consequences. Jorn Lande (the individual) and his bio will merge with Jorn, the solo venture. So you’ll lose that perspective of Jorn Lande.
Second, be sure to have an album from Jorn (with picture, album ‘The Duke’), Jorn (no picture, album ‘The Revenge’), and Jorn Lande (with Norwegian ‘o’, no picture, album ‘The Showdown’) all in your library.
Third, go to Artist view and move down to the “Jo” section alphbetically. Click on all three and select Merge using Jorn with picture as the artist.
You should be left with just Jorn with picture as the only artist. If you run a search, you’ll still see all three in search results, but if you click on any of them it will take you to Jorn.
Note, if you want to undo the merge, go to Settings>Library>Unmerge Artists. It will bring up a list of all the merged artists and you can unmerge them again as you like. This will also bring back Jorn Lande the individual and his bio.

edit: This is more complicated than normal since this guy lists himself under a variety of names, groups, etc. You’ll still see Allen/Lande (another version of his work) still listed as a separate artist if you have that album “The Showdown” in your library.

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