How to merge double artist records?

Dear Roon Team,

I have a very strange database issue.

In my local library stored on the SSD of my Core I have the album “Television” of a duo named “Paola & Chiara”, but no further artist info, no tags, cant add a picture and only this album is visible.

When I search in Tidal via Roon it finds the artist with 12 albums and info, tags etc. Television is NOT listed.

When I search in the Tidal app directly, it finds the artist with 13 (!) albums, now including Television. This album is not visble in Roon, inculding all the tracks.

To make it more complex my Televison and the Tidal Television are not the same albums. Same cover, similar tracks , but not quite the same and in different order. Mine is 2000, Tidal is 2001,

I searched for the artists in Roon, selected and tried to merge them, but option is not offered. Then I tried to add the Tidal P&C to my libarary, but option is greyed out. I suppose it’s because there is already an artist with the same name in my library?

How can I unite the two artist entries into one, preferrably including both Television albums?

Problem solved despite no support from Roon at all. Trick is to simpy add any album from Paola & Chiara on Tidal to the Roon library. Roon then merges the two artist records automatically and even suddenly displays the missing album.

This is clearly a serious bug, especially if albums are hidden for strange reasons.

I didnt noticed it with the Roon version last year. That old one had the opposite problem, i.e. merging artists which are totally independent.

Also a feature to add a complete artist to the library would be helpful. I think in artists not in albums. Never use the album view at all.

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