How to merge duplicate albums in Roon [answered]

I downloaded a classical album from HD Tracks (which I’ve done before). The album appears twice in Roon. The complete album has 15 tracks. The first album in Roon has tracks 1-13, and 15, but omits 14. The second album in Roon has track 14 only – and that is performed twice! How do I merge track 14 back into the first Roon album to make it complete?

Thanks for any help you can provide.

Select both albums (right click or long press), Edit, Merge Albums.

If you are doing multiple Merge operations, don’t restart any Remote. That can cause merge problems but fortunately a fix is coming in 2.1.

I tried this, but it doesn’t seem to work. It asks which I want to e primary, but when I make a choice still see listings for two separate albums, rather than grouping them under 1 cover

I think you may be confusing two features here, @steveoat87.

Group Alternate Versions is for when you have multiple copies or editions of the same album, and you want to group them together. This means you’ll see one cover in your album browser, with your favorite as the primary version, and the others accessible through the “Other Versions” button.

If an album has been split into two, you’ll want to use “Merge”, to merge all the tracks or discs into a single album.

I’m not seeing how you group alternate versions.

For example, I have the 2009 remaster of Sergeant Pepper and the Original CD version.

I try to group alternate versions by selecting the two versions, click edit and click group alternate versions.

I see the two versions and are asked to make one primary. I do this, but there is not button to make this grouping. When you exit, you still see the two covers of the separate albums.

What am I doing wrong?

You’ll need to have Show Hidden Tracks and Albums set to No in Settings. Otherwise, all albums are shown.

I’ve worked it out so please ignore

Slightly different problem here:

I have lots of albums with mixed file types and/or data rates, mostly mp3 and m4a. Roon splits those by filetype and or quality, although they reside in one subdirectory per album on purpose, which should make it easy to keep them together.

I am not too enthusiastic merging them one by one in roon, as they are merged already on disc.

Any ideas?

Suggestion to development: In settings, General add: keep subdirectory (that contains files, not subdirectories) as album" or “album defined by subdirectory”

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