How to migrate tags, playlists and bookmarks to new Roon account

Migrating Roon DB from one Core to another is easy with the backup and restore function,
What I don’t understand is why the tags, playlists and bookmark disappear if I switch to a different user account, with the same DB of course

Hope to get help on this soon


Form another thread:

Hi @guy_gichon,

Just to clarify here, are you referring to a different profile on the same Roon account, or are you wanting to see this type of information on a different account (with a different email address and password) entirely?

Different account. Same Core, Same DB

Hi @guy_gichon,

Just to clarify, what is the reason for using multiple Roon accounts on this Core machine?

When you log in to a new account, this is treated as a second database, and account specific data like Playlists, Tags, and Bookmarks do not transfer between accounts.

I would need this for example if I want to give my son my entire DB with my tags and playlist as a starting point for his system and delegate account at his home.

Any other option for such a one time migration that would include all tags, etc. ?
Perhaps a dB export? Would that preserve the tags at least?

Hi @guy_gichon,

The Roon database and backups are specific to only one account and that information can not be transferred to other accounts at this time. Apologies for the inconvenience here.

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