How to modify the tag of music files with roon

I know that the roon can show me metadata,but I steel want to edit the file.Is there anyway can do that?
Identify the album,then change the metadata both in roon and the file.

Hello @user26 and welcome to the forum.

Roon does not write metadata changes back to your files. Use an external tag editor to change your file tags.

:joy: too bad.I tried several editors,none of them can identify album better than roon
@BlackJack Any suggesions?

If it’s not about a specific change to specific file(s) you can use the export function to get a copy containing Roon’s metadata, but you need the space for the copy and then have to replace the files in your watched folder with the copy manually.

thx a lot,I tried before,but it dosent work.I will try again.

Have you tried SongKong, it reads from MusicBrainz