How to move/ copy the bookmarks, tags, playlists from a Roon core to another Roon core?


I am using Roon both at home and at work.
The 2 computers are having the same music library which is stored in 2 external HDDs. (synced everyday)

I have done all the file managements (bookmarks, tags, album merging, etc) on the Roon at work.

I wonder how to have that on my Roon at home.
Is there an elegant solution?

Edit: See Mike’s post below. Synchronising databases is on the roadmap but attempting it now (as my original unedited post suggested) is likely to cause problems and is not recommended. My apologies for that !

As Mike says below, a one time copy of a database (after backup) with Roon closed, from the Core on one network over to the Core on the other (see this post) should be fine and will give you access to existing bookmarks, playlists etc. but regular or automated attempts at synchronisation are likely to be problematic and create problems that can’t be resolved by Support.

may I know which files (paths)?

The database file location for both Windows and OS is in the linked post above.

WARNING: Never run the same database in two locations.
but what I want to do is to have 2 computers running ROON Cores having the same bookmarks, tags, album managements, and etc.

From what I have read from the link, it seems that I could not find a solution …

You mentioned Office and Home which implies two different networks. The warning relates to running two Cores in different locations on the same network. It could be better phrased to make that clear. Let’s leave a notification for @mike to see if he agrees.

You can, of course, run Roon on two more computers in the same location (or network) by making one the Core and the others Remotes that configure that Core. Just install Roon on the Core, then install it on other computers and point them to the Core.

Thank you @andybob
I want to run 2 identical Cores (exact same taggings, bookmarks, albums managements, etc) in 2 places (different locations and networks).

Is that possible?

What’s more is if they can in any way sync automatically?

Edit: See Mike’s post below. Synchronising databases is planned within Roon but is not currently recommended.

Would it be possible to do this with a Dropbox account and synching the appropriate folder for the Roon tags etc. ??

See Mike’s post below. Synchronising is a planned feature but until implemented attempts to do so are not recommended.

We know people are looking for this functionality and we plan to support this in the future, but I wouldn’t recommend this right now at all. Using Dropbox will almost certainly result in an incremental sync of your database, causing corruption we won’t be able to help with.

Shutting down Roon and doing a one time copy of your bookmarks and playlists from Location A > Location B would be fine, but the right way to do this is for Roon to sync everything to the cloud, so changes can be sent both ways. This is on the roadmap, but unfortunately for now I would strongly recommend against trying to sync back and forth between two locations.


I know this is an old thread, but is it now easy to swap/transfer databases?

I’m about to change the HDD in my Antipodes DS to an SSD, and will need to shift my music around (current HDD is 4Tb, new SSD will be 2Tb).

Will keep important files on SSD and other music files on NAS (Synology 918+). I realise I’ll have to redo all my watched folders (re-set for new SSD, and folder on NAS), but don’t want to lose my Bookmarks, Playlists, etc. (not sure if I can also keep my current Radio Stations).

Thanks for any assitiance, and hope you have a good Xmas & New Year.


PS Great work with 1.4 :+1:

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What a silly place to put that info, in the knowledge base, who would think to look in there :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Different thread, but a question I had about the upcoming Nucleus, is it correct that Roon doesn’t allow / can’t do a bridged network (believe it’s an issue working with a Subnet)? Is this the reason why the Nucleus only comes with one Ethernet Port?