How to move Roon Core from iMac to Windows 10

I am now using Roon as a Core on my iMac but I would like to shift it to my Windows 10 laptop or, at least, set the laptop up as a remote. To do this the instructions say to download Roon on the laptop but I can’t seem to do so. any help would be appreciated.


You just download it from Roon’s download page on their main site.
Once downloaded run it to installer.

Though I would have though the iMac (being a fixed device) would be more suitable that a portable laptop.
You might be better installing Roon as a remote on your laptop and leaving the Roon core on the iMac.

One thing to note is that the Roon application can be installed as core or just as remote.
Have a look in the Roon Knowledge Base lot more information in their.