How to move the Core and of the Library from laptop hardidsk to external SSD on laptop

I installed the ROON server on my Windows 11 laptop.
I also use a external SSD (m2.)

Is there a good reason to move the CORE and / of the Library tot the external SSD.
What steps do i need therefore.
I already unistalled the software. But with a new installation it is not possible to personalyze the installation tot tell Roon to use anonther path. (read: external SSD)

Roon will always install on the boot drive. Roon’s library (database) is installed on the same drive as Roon.

That’s the design and that can’t be changed.

Like @xxx said, the core and Database for Roon go on the root drive of the machine you are installing the server on. The database does not include your music files. The database contains your “library’s metadata, it also contains any edits you’ve made, your play history, all of your Roon playlists, your favorites, your settings, and more”

The music files can be stored on the external drive. Then you add the file location as a “watched” or “monitored” folder in Roon (under Setting/Storage).