How to output DSD files from Oppo 205 to Sprout100?

I have been bouncing around multiple forums and even called PS Audio to try to figure out how/if I can play my DSD files through Oppo 205 to Sprout100 using Roon and either device’s DAC. I have connected the Oppo to the Sprout100 via analog RCAs and DSD will not play. I have connected the Oppo to the Sprout100 via the Toslink cable and DSD also will not play. So am I to infer that DSD files cannot be played through the Oppo as my Roon endpoint? The Sprout100 can play DSD but I don’t know how to get the files to the Sprout100’s DAC. Do I have to use the USB input of the Sprout100? If that is the case, I guess I can’t use the Oppo since it doesn’t have USB output.

How is the Oppo connected?

As noted, I connected to the Sprout via analog RCA cables and then Toslink and in neither configuration would DSD files play

That says how you connect the Sprout. Is the Oppo connected via USB or networked?

“The UDP-205 supports streaming stereo PCM audio up to 192 kHz 24-bit from Roon.”

Looks like it only does DSD over USB connection.
Connecting the Sprout via RCA or toslink won’t give you DSD either way.

You need to connect either the sprout or the Oppo via USB to a PC/Mac.

Ok thanks—I’m thinking I could connect my iPad via USB instead of a laptop? I’ll try both.