How to play 1-disc of 2+ disc album? [solved]

The subject line summarizes my question: how can I play just 1 disc of a multi-disc album?

At present I have to browse disc 1, press a track to enter selection mode, choose select-all, then press Play. It’s a lot of clicking compared to simply pressing “Play” for the whole album.

(Either way, I still then need to choose “Play Now” or “Add to queue” etc - but that is fine.)

Anyway, many popular albums over the last decades have been re-released with a 2nd disc containing outtakes, unreleased music, etc. For better or worse, frequently Tidal has these remastered/specials, rather than the original album. But, typically, I just want to play the original album/disc - not all these add-ons, duplicate/alternate cuts, commentary, etc.

Unfortunately it’s much more awkward to just play/queue the primary disc, than to play the whole album.

Am I missing something? Is there an easier way to just play 1 disc?

(If not, this topic might belong more in “Feature requests” than “Support” - feel free to relocate it, if appropriate.)


you can just click on the play icon to the left of the “Disc N”, or on the entire “Disc N” text

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(I guess I didn’t try hard enough: that small arrow/icon is quite hard to hit on my ipad; and when I initially tried pressing “disc n”, instead, it just displayed the disc’s tracks. Now that I know it should work, I see that it does…)

the first click selects the disc, the second click plays it