How to play a specific folder with testfiles

I want to play some testfiles from my nas
…and all that stuff…

How to jump to those folder and play the testfiles?

If there aren’t that many of them create and add them to a Testfile tag. Or modify their Genre ID tag to Testfile

or put them in an ‘unidentified’ testalbum

Search in tracks like here:

And once found, group them into an album:

And add a tag maybe:

Add them to a playlist.

Do i modify the Genre ID with roon, or do i have to youse an external tool - which is good therefore?

How to do so?

Does album/focus/inspector/storage locations do what you want?

Just create a folder called (for Example) Audio Test inside your Roon’s Watched Folder (Settings > Storage) and place your test files inside the new folder.

Roon will then create an Album called “Audio Test” inside your library.

This would be a good option.
Therefore i have to add a new location and in this location i put all test-files

@Geoff_Coupe and @AndyR
I think you mean both the same solution - correct?

Not quite. @AndyR suggests adding your current folder (testfiles) on the NAS as a Watched Folder into Roon. My suggestion was to copy those files to a new folder in your current Watched Folder hierarchy.

Ok, i will take the option with a new folder (for the first time)
But indeed, both options have their advantages.

I have a few test CDs that I keep in an unwatched folder. I don’t want Roon Radio picking any of the files. 1khz at 0dBm can cause damage to both speakers and underwear! When I need to use them I make a copy for the session into a watched folder, then delete the folder afterwards. Roon just sees them as unidentified albums.