How to play all the results of a search? That is, all the versions of the song, automatically

In other programs, after I search for a track/song, I hit Play for the first one and all the results play in succession. This way I can listen to all the version of that song. My experience of Roon has been that after the first track plays, Roon then plays something the algorithm finds to be similar. Is there a way to set a default to play the results from the search?
Also, bonus question: Is there a way to have the results descending in order from most popular?

Hi @Jon_Pedersen

There is not a one-button option for this, but this can be accomplished by right-clicking or long-pressing to select all of the tracks and then playing that selection.

It is not possible to adjust the sort order of search results. There are a number of factors that go into what gets sorted first in order to show the most relevant results.

Thanks. Let me here enter my preference that the result list be the default, or that a toggle is built in.

And that the order of the searches be determined by popularity, or that there is an option for this.