How to play all Tidal tracks by an artist in my library?

I select Tidal and the Your Favorites tab.
Click on Search (magnifying glass) icon in upper right corner
Type desired artist, e.g. “Selah”
In Search Results, switch on “Only show my Library”

The Selah albums containing tracks in my library are shown OK.
But there is no Track list that I can click on to start playback of all the tracks in these albums?

I can go into each Album and see only the tracks from that album which I specifically chose (and not all of the album tracks, which is good) and play those, but that is just for that one album, how do I play the tracks in all the albums at once?


Hi David,

Try going into the Tracks Browser, click Focus and select Tidal storage location (if you just want Tidal and not the tracks in your local folders), then click on the filter icon at the top of the Artist column and type in Selah.

That should give you what you want. The click Play or Shuffle.

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Thanks much Greg. The Focus popup window is definitely where it’s at. But there was no Filter icon at the top of the artist album for me. Instead, I clicked on Performers and was able to select “Selah” from there. Then all the Selah tracks filled the track list for me to play.