How to play Internet Radio via API


I am trying to do something that’s supposedly pretty simple, yet I didn’t find an obvious API to achieve it. I’ve been successfully using node-roon-api-browse to browse and display different internet radio stations I have bookmarked.

Now I want to start playback of one of those stations. How do I do that via API? I’ve been looking through node-roon-api-transport several times but fail to see an API to start playback.

(Jan Koudijs) #2

You also make use of the Browse API to start playback. When you have found the Internet Radio entry you want to play you supply its item_key and a zone_or_output_id to a browse call. Maybe you missed the zone_or_output_id, this is the ID of the zone or output to which you want to play.


Wow. That’s an interesting API design decision :wink: Anyway, that worked quite nicely. Thanks, @Jan_Koudijs.