How to play Internet Radio via API

I am trying to do something that’s supposedly pretty simple, yet I didn’t find an obvious API to achieve it. I’ve been successfully using node-roon-api-browse to browse and display different internet radio stations I have bookmarked.

Now I want to start playback of one of those stations. How do I do that via API? I’ve been looking through node-roon-api-transport several times but fail to see an API to start playback.

You also make use of the Browse API to start playback. When you have found the Internet Radio entry you want to play you supply its item_key and a zone_or_output_id to a browse call. Maybe you missed the zone_or_output_id, this is the ID of the zone or output to which you want to play.

Wow. That’s an interesting API design decision :wink: Anyway, that worked quite nicely. Thanks, @Jan_Koudijs.