How to play music web only shows settings?

I never used RoPieee XL before and I installed it on a PI and I go to it’s web page http://ropieee.local/ and did all the settings and rebooted a lot and still don’t know how to play music on it.

Do I need some other program just to play music on it. It’s just the PI and got a audio hat on it a PCM5122 DAC chip. So I picked "IQaudIO PI-DAC(+/PRO/Zero) but don’t know how to play any music with it.

Is there a port or something on it? In Advanced I said Web Authentication and then have to load in with username “admin” and the password I set up. I though it my have a audio web page then. But just settings. I guess doing something wrong.

Never used this before and wanted to see how it works.

-Raymond Day

Hi @Raymond_Day,
RoPieee is, primarily, an Audio Endpoint for Roon. You can learn about Roon here:

RoPieeeXL expands the Roon Audio Endpoint functionality a bit by supporting more sources. I don’t use XL but I think you still need a server of some sort for all of them.

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Hey Raymond,
welcome to Roon and the forums!
Check out the PDF Ropieee Guide for Beginners - to see, if you went through all necessary steps for getting it to play music.

Ropieee XL is only a basic dumb endpoint device for playing music from other servers or devices , it does not pull music it’s self others than Spotify connect it has no server capability it support the following systems as a player only. It will only display info on screen when used as a Roon endpoint device as that’s it’s primary usage.

Roon (need a Roon server and controller), UPnP ( need server and controller) ,Spotify (need to use Spotify Connect as controller),.Squeezebox (Need LMS server and controller) , HQplayer NAA you ( need HQplayer server)

The player you want needs to be activated in the UI and told which output to use, either USB or HAT you have attached.

The rest is controlled by the music software you use.and thier controllers. For Roon you add it as an audio device in settings like all other devices select it in the controller and play to it.

I all ready looked at that PDF it just talks about installing it on a pi not how to play music.

I updated it to XL and have Spotify on my Windows 10 and click on Connect to a device and it don’t show the ropieee.local but I looked at the settings.

Spotify then shows nopieee [RoPieeeXL] after I went under RoPieeeXL tab and “Librespot” and put in my name and password for Spotify and rebooted.

It started to play and that is the 1st I got music playing on the RoPieeeXL.

So it’s working now.

Something that “Librespot” means Spotify. I just guess because read that XL works with Spotify.

I typing this as it is playing and it sounds real good.

Thank you.

-Raymond Day

Thank you CrystalGipsy You did the best Reply and I did get it working after reading yours.

-Raymond Day

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