How to prefer file tags for Composer?

In several situations Roon 1.5 (323) selects a spelling for a composer different than the spelling given by the file’s Composer tag.

For example, all files in one of my albums specify the Composer tag “Antonín Dvořák”, but Roon uses “Antonin Dvorák” instead (ie, without all three diacritical marks).

In Settings > Library > Import Settings, I see no option to set a Composer preference.

In Album Editor > Metadata Preference, I see no option to set a Composer preference.

I tried forcing the Album to be Unidentified, this does not solve the problem.

I tried disabling multi-part compositions on this album, this does not solve the problem.

How to I force Roon to use the file’s Composer tag?

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I suspect your best option is to edit his name in the Composer browser. By default, Roon gives his name as

You can edit this in the Artist Editor:

And then Roon will display his name throughout as:

I’m afraid his bio still uses his alternative spelling though…

Off topic: how does one enter the “upside-down-carat” R?

In Windows, it’s Alt-0159 on the keypad. Lord knows what it would be on a Mac…
I took the easy way out - went to his Wikipedia page and copied his name into Roon…

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Thank you Geoff that works nicely.

@Geoff_Coupe, how do you cut and paste into roon? I’m a bit of a dollard with computers but I cannot get it to work on a Windows laptop.

You should be able to Ctrl-V (paste) the text string contents of the Windows clipboard into any editable field… is this not working for you?

Thanks Geoff, I just didn’t know or couldn’t remember about the control keys. I’m trying to use a right mouse click and that doesn’t work. Will make my life a little easier.

The only place I can find it is in the Emoji & Symbols Viewer. In System Preferences, choose ‘Keyboard’, select the option to ‘Show Keyboard & Emoji viewers in menubar’. Click on the new symbol in your menubar, choose ‘Show Emoji & Symbols’. In the list on the left of that window, choose ‘Latin’. Scroll down, the versions of each letter are in alpha order, capital followed by lower case. It’s there, you can copy and paste and/or choose it as a favorite so it’s easier to navigate to next time.

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