How to preserve artwork while back to back to importing

I am importing a whole bunch of stuff music * ripped *into the disk in my nucleus plus. its little frustrating that roon keeps changing the artwork after the import. I did quite a bit search and reading but could not find any article or post related to preserving the artwork.

It slows my import process, because after every import, I need to go into edit mode, and add the artwork image.

I have gone into import settings and indicated to prefer file for artwork, which I am assuming informs roon to uses the file for artwork, but the import process does not honor it. I have attached a screen shot of the import setting

Am I doing something wrong, as its super frustrating to keep editing after almost every import. This happens on back to back imports only, so I am assuming roon is caching the last image and using it if its better. But the issue is, I don’t want Roon to decide that :slight_smile:

Any suggestions from expert users would really helpful

thank you

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