How to prevent Roon from playing Christmas music all year long

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Windows 10 on PC I7 cpu 860@2.80GHz 2.80 ghz. Ram 8Gb
Roon version 1.7 (build 667) stable (64 bit)

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

Telenet modem /router via Netgear Prosafe GS105E switch.

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

Cambridge Audio Azur 851N (network player) and Azur 850A (Amplifier).

Connected via WiFi to the Roon Core

Description Of Issue

I have stored my music collection on the hard drive of my Roon Core and so far everythings is wonderful.

The only thing that is not so nice is that, as my music collection contains lots of Christmas albums, these albums are played now the entire year long.

Is there a simple way to circumvent this issue or is the only solution to create multiple playlist? The latter would surprise me as the tool as such is extremely powerful.

It is not fully clear to me either what happens when hiding a track or an album.

I hope you will be able to help me.

Hi @Rafael_De_Cuyper, there are a couple of options here. How are you starting playback which results in Christmas music playing with other genres?

You can use Focus to make sure that Holiday doesn’t show when browsing.

Some will place holiday music into a different watched folder that they only enable during the times of year they’d like to listen to it.

Not really sure as I am very new in the world of Roon and am still exploring.
If I am right I am using Roon Radio.

Using Focus is acting weird as well as some of the albums when selected and “Focus on similar” (or something like that in the English version) tell me I have to remove focus criteria where to my knowledge no such criteria have been defined.

At first I was wondering as well to create different folders or so was possible and I can create them of course on the hard drive but how can I store that kind of music in eg folder Christmas? And how can I select that folder from within the Roon app?

Hi Rafael,

I’ll describe how I have it setup. I have a hard drive and on the hard drive there are two folders, One called Music and one called Holiday. In Roon, in the Storage section, I set each folder up individually as a storage location. That way I can turn OFF the Holiday location and still have access to all the music files under the Music location.

Holiday and Music are separate folders at the same level, meaning Holiday is not a sub folder of music.

To enact Dylan’s suggestion, using a PC’s file manager, you would make a new folder called Holiday outside of your current watched folder locations and then move all the holiday music to this location. While you are doing this, the Roon core should be off.

Then turn Roon back on, and then add the new Holiday storage location in Roon.

The picture shows a screenshot from the tree structure as used so far.
Now I am wondering what level the watched folder currently is so I can follow your recommendation to create a holidays folder next to it.
When I switch my Roon of (I assume power switch off?) can I then still access it to create that additional folder?

Thanks again for your kind help.


Hmm, sorry you didn’t mention a Nucleus, you indicated that your core was Win 10 on PC i7 in your original post.

If you have a Nucleus for a core and you are using it’s internal storage; then the solution suggested will not work for you as described, because the Nucleus includes the whole of the internal storage as a watched location. While it is possible to disable the internal storage and then set it up again as networked storage locations, that might introduce more issues than it solves.

Your best option, would then be to host the holiday music either on an external USB hard drive that you can then remove, or, put the music on a different machine and setup a network connection to that machine. And that remote share can then be disabled/enabled as needed.

Thanks for your reply. This is then a workaround but not an ideal solution.

Anyway thanks for your reply.

One other idea, put all your holiday music in a watched sub folder, say holidayMusic and then add it to the Ignored Paths option in your Settings -> Edit Storage Locations
Then when you want your XMas music, remove it until after the holidays, not perfect but it works.

Hi @Rafael_De_Cuyper,

Just to confirm — You are getting Holiday music played from Roon Radio? Can you share an example of this? Please confirm how you started Radio and share a screenshot of the queue showing the holiday music that was picked. Thanks!

that is what I have always done, however, it doesn’t always stop Tidal sourced Christmas music from playing in Roon Radio whenever it wants to. How does Roon Radio stop this happening?
Can’t give any specific examples as it is very infrequent.

Ba Humbug …

Easy have no Xmas Music on your drive - fixed

Yours E Scrooge :grin:

@Anthony_Bates — Is the Christmas music tagged as holiday music? Generally we shouldn’t playing holiday music in Roon Radio unless the content that you kicked off Radio with was holiday music.

If you can provide any examples of when this occurs we can look into it. It’s possible that something isn’t tagged with the Holiday genre when it should be, and so Roon Radio doesn’t know to exclude it. With an example we should be able to look into it and understand why it was played and I can pass it along to the team to improve things in the future.


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I have a related question: it’s February and the Discover feature is still showing all kinds of Christmas albums from my own library. Last night, at least four of the suggestions were for Christmas albums.

In Roon, these albums have multiple tags, one of which is “Holiday”. The ‘genre’ attribute in the source files’ metadata is set to “Christmas” (among others), not “Holiday”.

These albums show up in Discover under:

  • A label
  • A featured collaboration
  • A featured composition
  • One of the genres in my metadata, e.g., “Christmas”
  • An era
    and almost certainly elsewhere.

Apparently, Discover is not expected to exclude Christmas music if the “Holiday” tag is only one of several tags present? Wouldn’t that make sense?

Meanwhile, how would you recommend I address this?