How to prioritise artists in search

I use search as the primary way of jumping straight to music I know I want to listen to, and I almost always want to go to the artist page drill down from there. But when I search artists seem to have the lowest priory in the instant search results, and the instant search cannot be limited to my collection. How do I change this behaviour, I thought it was meant to learn how you use it and adapt, but this clearly isn’t happening for me. How can this be improved?

Don’t use search. Go to the artist browser and use filter there instead.

I’d not thought of that, but it’s more clicks to do that way than using search the way I’m using it, on phone the search results shows big album art, with the artist name below the on screen keyboard, and the pictures don’t mean much to me so this approach is much worse for me.

What are you talking about? That using search is not giving you the results you look for and that you don’t like the presentation (“big album art”) too? But you don’t want to use the artist browser that is already limited to your library and where you can easily filter (use the funnel symbol) for artist names because you need to (potentially) click more?

I don’t think that the Roon search will adapt to what you hope for because she was never designed to do that.

I’m taking about trying to get somewhere as fast and easily as possible, search seems to prioritise tracks, then albums, then artists, I’d like it the other way around. Using the artist approach is clunky on my phone, and slower, so isn’t what I want.