How to put "aside" interesting albums for later listening?

As I go through Tidal catalogue, under the “recommended for you” scheme, I would like to be able and mark an album, put it aside so to speak for later… Is it possible to do this? Bookmarking does not really work in the case neither Playlist. Ideally a tag at the album level, but cannot see how?
Any ideas?


I would love to have this as a feature. Right now I add that album of interest to my library and if I end up not liking it I delete it. It would be great to set it aside to check out later without adding it to the library.


Sounds like an excellent feature request to me.
I imagine I would quickly have dozens in my listen later list.


I use a tag for this purpose. Works pretty well IMO.


As above, tagging works for me too.
Only catch is you have to add an album to your library to be able to tag it or at least have one album in your library to be able to tag an artist…


I have a playlist “Requires Further Listening” that I add the album to.


So what do you do when you have listened to the album?


I bookmark the artist, by going to the artist page, for later. It mostly works but is a bit kludgy as I’m back/forth on the arrows and if I don’t get back to that artist in a month or two I forget what the relationship was that caused me to bookmark them. I guess I could make my bookmarks more descriptive. hmmmm…

Yeah… a “save game” option would be really nice so I could “replay” the forward / back of how I landed at that spot by a few steps.

Remove it from the tag if I like it and tag/bookmark it in some other way (if necessary) as a permanent library member. Or delete it from my library if I don’t like it.

Tim I hadn’t really thought about that, might be worth me trying.
The recommendations are usually in my library but often I have not listened to them in year’s.


Yeah I have had a similar problem. In fact I had a bit of an epiphany a while ago; I was adding albums to my library every week (or they were already in there, as you say) and I was rarely listening to them all. I was ending up getting a bit swamped with stuff I didn’t really like or which I hadn’t listened to.

So I went back, rationalised things a bit and started using this process to try and keep on top of stuff and make sure it wasn’t just chaff.

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I’m with @Progisus: Adding to a playlist (and deleting once done with album) works well and very simple. Playlists are great tool with many uses


Probably this is a kind of solution… I have tried using it myself. However, I quickly end up with a very long list of tracks belonging to albums, difficult to manipulate, choose etc.
I was hoping for a more elegant solution that someone would have found. In my view, that would be the use of tagging without the need to add the album to my library… That way I could have various lists of albums for future listening separated by genre or whatever I choose!


I think this has been requested on the future features a few times , it’s a great idea.
I also add album to a playlist and then after listening either delete or add to the collection

After some experimentation, I use favourites albums for my to listen list with favourite artist to cover the perennial favourites. The only problem is if you want to use the former function for another purpose.

I use Tags as well. Although using Focus to identify all the albums you haven’t listened to yet is also useful

Ditto, I keep tag named @Albums to Listen so it’s always the first tag then I clean up , delete or remove from Tag if I want to keep in the library

A bit of management but at leat it forces you to look every now and again

I use the tag New and have defined a bookmark searching for New. So, all my New to be listened Albums end up in my Bookmark New automatically. I can then either add another tag if I keep it, remove the tag or delete the album (which is a bit more complicated)

Yeah, this would be a very nice feature. It has never bothered me that Roon does not have this, but I miss it from time to time. Tags are a good alternative, but honestly, I can keep a list on my notes app.

Ok… so this is what I did…

Any recommendations I fancy, I just add to my library. But I’ve created a dynamic bookmark for all albums not yet listened to… see below.

If you hit ‘Focus’, then in “Played in the last…” drop down menu, click “All time”.

Now you’ll have a green “+ Played” tag at the top. Invert that by pressing it. It should go red and say “- Played”.

This will show everything in your library not played yet. If you want to just see Tidal albums, add that in focus. There’s a check box for Tidal in “Format”.

Now add bookmark. I named this “Not Played from Tidal”.

Now, as you audition the albums in this list… they’ll automatically fall out of the list.

Any you don’t like… just manually delete them from your library while you’re listening.

Hope that makes sense. :nerd_face: