How to put "aside" interesting albums for later listening?

Some tips on here, but they all involve having to add the album to our library first, I do not want to go down this route so I would welcome the feature highlighted in the original post.

Or from my old itunes days, when I created a playlist the title was automatically filled in with the album name…this would suffice for me

That is the crux of the problem. If you don’t add it to your library, it isn’t part of the database. And if it isn’t part of the database there is no way to keep track of it.
“Hearting” in Tidal adds it to your database. So the approach described by @Dan_Brown requires the least possible work up front.

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Hi I just add it to a playlist, this also keeps track of it and I think its easier than the above method…but each to there own :grinning:

How do you do it, add to a playlist in Tidal? Then it syncs with Roon?
Sure, that obviously works for you, and as you say to each their own. :grinning:

No the playlist is created in Roon. When in Roon I click on the album and then just add it to a playlist.
Its not ideal as the list can get long

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Yes, add to library. It shows up in Roon under recents. That’s my later list. Deleting from there.

This is exactly what I do. Focus is a very useful tool.

What we need is album based playlists. No need for any focus, tagging, bookmarking or any other dreadfull workaround. Just a plain simple playlist consisting of albums instead of tracks. Can be used for many things, very convenient. Stumble into an album you might like but don’t want it to add to your library in order to keep your library clean, just add it to a “listen later” album based playlist. Offcoarse you can add all tracks to a playlist now but that’s not a good solution for this, it has a terrible overview.


I am 100% with you there, but the ability to tag albums and group them with bookmarks is the closest thing to your wish to be found in the whole streaming industry as far as I have seen it. So yes, Roon could do even better, but they are close.

Closest thing I get is to just add the first song of an album to a playlist and go to the full albums from there. This gives a better overview than adding all tracks. When you add all tracks you won’t see it as an album anyway so anything beyond track 1 is just clutter.

Album based playlists, together with a focus function that can focus on directory levels a couple of steps deeper than just the root folders will also make 90% of the requests for an directory browser dissapear. But that’s off-topic.

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What I do is go to ‘share’. On the second screen you can choose ‘desktop’. I have a folder on desktop that stores the image. It is a bit awkward, and rather than save and then delete the album, I would have thought that it would be a relatively straightforward addition to Roon.