How to read or copy file from SSD after removing from Roon Nucleus

Hi guys,
Firstly I’m sorry for my carelessness. I decided to sell my Roon Nucleus so I removed the Samsung 1TB SSD installed internally, then sold the Nucleus. Later today I want to copy the data/music files from the SSD, I connected it to a USB case that I have however my Macbook pro cannot read. I also installed a NTFS app to read but same thing happens. Now I cannot access my music library in the SSD. Is there a way that I can read or copy the data from the SSD?

Most probably the SSD is using EXT4 file system, so NTFS app won’t help. You need something like ext4fuse or extFS.

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The Nucleus running a Linux based OS uses ext4, which is not natively read by either MAC or Windows.

As Marian mentioned, you can run some software to allow you to mount that drive. Something like this Write/read access to Linux files under macOS High Sierra - extFS by Paragon Software for Mac

However, your goal should be to mount the drive and copy the music off of it as soon as possible to a new drive. The mounting softwares are okay to read/copy from, but, to try and use them as is or copy TO them, is, imho, a recipe for data loss. (Same for Windows).

Alternatively, you can setup a Ubuntu PC, and connect the drive. Then copy the data off of the drive to the MAC, or a NAS share.

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Running the live CD should be sufficient for this, but only from a Windows PC. Whist it is possible on MacOS, there are a few hoops to jump through, e.g., system integrity protection. Alternatively, it should be possible to access the drive from a virtual machine (Virtualbox) running Ubuntu on the MacBook.

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I sencond or third or however many times paragon has been mentioned for drive format compatibility between OS’s. I have always had good results with Paragon-software.

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Thank you for your help and information guys,
I have downloaded extFS to copy the files.
Looks like it works well now.

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Don’t forget to backup your music now. Sounds like you don’t have one to use.

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