How to recover Tidal album artwork?


A couple of weeks ago I favorited an album on Tidal and it was of course added to Roon. It was added with the correct album art, but also with Tidal’s titles, which were in English while it’s a Hebrew album.

So I tried to identify the album, and it found the Hebrew version (it was the only version found). But, that version has no album art at all. I tried to see if I can edit the album to choose Tidal’s album art but it’s not there. I also tried to un-identify the album (use basic file information) and it reverted everything, but still with no album art.

So my question is - is there a way to go back to the Tidal album art?

If you’ve changed the identification and don’t want to switch back to the original metadata, there’s not going to be a way to “mix” the cover from the original ID with the metadata from the Hebrew version.

You best bet is probably to grab the cover art off TIDAL’s website and just drop it in like as if you were editing local files.

Thanks @mike, the thing is, even when I tried switching back to the original metadata (by choosing “use basic file information”) it didn’t bring back the album art. Was it supposed to?

I’ve come up against this problem too. It looks like a bug, in as much as it doesn’t do what it says on the tin.

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There isn’t any basic file information for TIDAL, as TIDAL content only has access to Roon’s metadata right now.

You should be able to use Identify to pick the version with the cover art, or the hebrew version, but you won’t be able to mix the two like you would with local files, since there’s only one layer of data available (the Roon metadata).

The only real way to do this right now is to pull the cover art in as a manual edit.

Thanks @mike.

I can accept that, but maybe Roon should add an editing option to use Tidal’s cover art for Tidal albums for cases when Roon doesn’t have the cover art.
Currently you have an action that’s irreversible. The initial cover art comes from Tidal, then you do some editing and once you did that you can’t go back to the way things were. Unless of course you do it manually like you suggested.

This doesn’t seem to tally with my experience. A TIDAL album which is not in Roon’s database at all gets a cover and (poor) metadata from TIDAL. That is the “basic file information” in my understanding, which we can’t get back to in Roon after forcing an identification.

The distinction I was making is about Roon’s database, specifically the three layers that are comprised of Roon’s metadata, file tags, and user edits, respectively.

With local files you get metadata from Roon, but can revert back to the file tags layer. With TIDAL content, there is no file tags layer – you get a single layer from Roon’s metadata service, which may be metadata we get straight from TIDAL, or more enhanced Roon metadata with credits, works information, etc.

I did some quick tests and was able to take a TIDAL album, identify it and apply alternate metadata, then re-identify it back to what Roon gave me by default. That’s what I would expect right now, but if you guys can give me steps to get “stuck”, I’ll take a look.

@mike, I can tell you the steps that I did and maybe you can reproduce it.

  • Marked this album as favorite in Tidal - (Maybe adding it straight from Roon will give different results, not sure).
  • After it was added in Roon (and has the Tidal cover art) I identified it. I only had one choice to choose from. Now the album no longer had the cover art.
  • Now try reverting to the cover art Tidal has (even if it means reverting the entire metadata).


I just tried this with Irnberger Beethoven Violin Sonatas Vol. 2, and have the same result. The Tidal artwork does not come back when you revert the metadata after an identification.

In my case, the identification had artwork. So it had artwork before, and during identification, but when reverting doesn’t have it.