How to refresh History/Recent Activity?

Now that the latest build has provided the Recent Activity feature I notice that my History and Recent Activity - Played are several months out of date. Is there a particular procedure or preference or cache file that can be deleted to help fix this? (‘Clean Up Library’ didn’t fix the issue.)

Hi @Christopher_Rowe,

Just to confirm, when you go to the navigation menu and choose History, what shows here is also outdated? When do the last plays show? Can you share a screenshot?

Hi Dylan

As you can see from the screenshot, the History is outdated - going back to November 2019. The Recent Activity window sort of matches, but the album order is a little different.

Hi @Christopher_Rowe,

If you play something now does it show up in history?

Hi Dylan

The History is now updating properly (since the latest version upgrade). Since I don’t usually refer to the History I have no idea why it stopped almost 8 months ago.

Thanks for confirming, @Christopher_Rowe.

Do you have any other user profiles set up in Roon? History is per-profile, so it’s possible history during that time could be appearing under a different profile.

Aahh! That’s the answer. I don’t remember ever explicitly creating a new profile nor do I remember ever choosing one over the other, but apparently I have been switching back and forth between the two without noticing for the last 3 years!

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