How to remote connect roon on a Mac Pro OS 10.15 Catalina

I just instaled Roon Core on my Mac Pro with Mac OS 10.15. I can access from my iPhone, when the phone is on the home wifi but the same iPhone can’t connect when is out of the wifi.

  1. I have checked (yes) the Roon, settings>setup>accept connections from remotes → yes

  2. My firewall setup:

  3. My router configuration:

What I am missing to be able to remote connect to roon ??

Your iPhone and roon core must be on the same network.

You mean from the internet? In that case you‘ll probably have to use a VPN connection.

Are you saying that the only way to access roon when I am traveling - outside of my home is with a VPN ?

Correct - there is no “Roon Mobile” (i.e. outside the local network) yet.

Correct. The VPN tunnel (see your router manual) connects your mobile on the internet and your home network in a safe way.

Thanks can you please provide a link for the VPN tunnel - router manual, please.

Here’s your manual

From a quick scan there is no built in VPN server option.
So you may have to establish such a service from another internal network device. Like your home PC.
If you have, some NASes (like Synology) offer free VPN server packages as well. But you should have some experience.

If a person uses the Roon Nucleus is the same situation - need to establish a VPN connection first ?

Same story. In each case you have to securely connect your mobile via the ‘evil’ internet to your home network. VPN is the means to do it.

Does Roon had made any promisse of creating “Roon Mobile” (i.e. outside the local network) yet for the close or medium future ?

Honestly - I don’t know. Check with them. In general there are quite some obstacles to overcome. Possible poor connection speed at first.

I have a Tablo box on my home (TV cutter device) and the box can send HD video to other boxes like FireTV, GoogleChromecast, cell phones/tablets and smart TVs without VPN. I am surprised that Roon, can’t do the same as a small company like Tablo is doing for video !?

Quite likely they will use a cloud infrastructure and the connections will be encrypted (such as with VPN) and won’t comprise your home firewall.

It’s all about your ISP‘s upload speed. If that’s decent chances are good to have a satisfying audio connection to your mobile say on a VPN.