How to remove Alarm Clock 0.8.2 on Roon ROCK?

I have the following extensions running

  • Roon Extension Manager 0.11.9
  • Alarm Clock 0.8.2
  • Alarm Clock 0.9.0

I want to tidy up my system, and while I am able to Uninstall Alarm Clock 0.9.0 - which I do not want to do - I can’t remove 0.8.2. How can I do this?

Many thanks!

Rock doesn’t run any extensions…it will show ones that are running however. most ppl will run extensions of a RPi or maybe windows node.js instance

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Thanks so much - feeling embarrassed now! But I remembered that I have a Synology NAS c/w Docker, and the Roon Extension Manager etc was in there. I was able to stop one of the 2 from running, and that has cleared up a load of inconsistencies / clashes.

Feeling happy now! :grinning:

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As a quick follow up …

If I select a KEF LSX wireless speaker with Internet Radio as the Alarm output, I am unable to set either the alarm Volume or the Transition Type. But if I select a Sonos Amp instead, I am able to set both the Volume and the Transition Type.

Both devices show up under Settings / Audio as “Roon Tested” devices (“via KEF streaming” and “via Sonos streaming”). Both are set as Volume Control: Device volume within Roon.

Why might this be, and is there a workaround?


If volume control and fading are not offered by Alarm Clock then volume control is not provided by the Roon API for the output device. Can you control the KEF volume via the Roon Remote?