How to remove Album without files from Library? [Resolved]

I moved some AIFF files (by mistake) to my Roon-Drive and these were added to the Roon-Library. I then converted the AIFF to ALAC and deleted the AIFF files from the drive.

I now have the same album twice in roon: one in ALAC and one in AIFF (without files). I cannot use the roon delete album function to the delete the AIFF album, because it requires the files to being able to remove it from the library.

Is the only way to get rid of the album from the library by restoring the AIFF files and then deleting these again, but now via roon? Or is there another trick (except from hiding) that can be used? Library clean up did not do the job either.

Thanks for any hints,

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You could try a force rescan, followed by a library clean up.

Try restarting your Roon Core.

Cheers, Greg

Thanks for your help. Restarting the core did the thing :slight_smile:

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