How to remove an "audio device is unavailable" from a group

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

  • macOS 10.15.7
  • Roon Core 1.7 (710)
  • Ropieee 3.020 on Pi3/Allo Boss Dac

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

  • Unifi network, both mac and Pi connected via wired network

Description Of Issue

I have a number of Roon endpoints around the house, many of them running Popieee on Raspberry Pi. Two in particular are normally grouped together. This morning one of those 2 Pi’s was reported as unavailable in the Roon group. That happened once before (different endpoint, same group) but it was clear that Ropieee had crashed (couldn’t reach it on the network at all), and rebooting the Pi fixed it immediately.

In this case, everything appears normal with Ropieee - the web interface works as normal, Airplay works etc. Apart from this device being unavailable, everything with Roon in general seems normal. However, after rebooting both the Mac and the Pi (multiple times), Roon still reports that the device is unavailable, and I can’t remove it from the group.

Is there some ‘behind the scenes’ way to remove a missing device from a Roon group?

[update] - I just realised that the endpoint is working fine after all, but Roon started seeing it with a different name from when it was part of the group. So everything is now working, except I now permanently have a missing endpoint as part of this group. How can I remove this now non-existent endpoint from the group?

I figured out how to get rid of the “phantom zone” as follows:

  • select a different, ungrouped zone
  • add the “phantom” zone to the a group with this different zone
  • this removed the “phantom” zone from the group it was in originally
  • now remove the “phantom” zone from the newly created group - this works

I don’t know if it made any difference, but I also deleted the ~/Library/Roon/Cache directory.

Still no idea why that one zone created a “phantom” copy of itself, but at least things are back to normal now.

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