How to remove an SMB share in the Android app?

Description of Issue

I’ve just the quick question whether it’s possible and in case how to remove a once connected SMB share via Roon Android app. I successfully added an SMB share but I do not seem to be able to remove it from the storage selection.

An added folder from the SMB share can be removed, but the storage selection still has the SMB share in the list, which, when selected, trigger a re-creation of the mount point and mount, which I want to avoid, cleaning up that list.

For android phone app you should be able to remove a storage location using the three dots on the right of the screen:

I did not see your second paragraph when I replied. If you go to Roon on PC or android tablet and select “add folder” you can delete the share from the list of existing shares:

not sure how to do that on android phone, or if you even can on a phone.

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Ah yes thanks, the delete button at your second screenshot is indeed what I was looking for but cannot see in the Android app. Looks like something for the features suggestion forum then :slightly_smiling_face:.

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