How to remove network share

I am trying to remove the third (“rf”) network share.

The first two network shares have an X to remove them. The third one does not. How can I remove that one?

The network share at issue may have been established outside of Roon. For example, if the OS of the computer were Windows, the share could have been created via a “net share” command in a command window, and the share could be removed by another “net share” command (with different parameters, of course).

I seem to recall a similar issue where there was no X on the only network share I had. It was only mounted through Roon. That I am sure of.

Eventually I solved it by restarting the machine that runs Roon Core.

Restarting did the trick. Thank you

Even though this is an easy workaround, this is actually a bug which can make you pull your hair out.

I disabled my admin user login for security reasons on my Synology NAS (where my music and Roon database backups are stored), and created a new user. It was a hassle deleting and re-adding both the music folder and the backup folder to Roon. Apparently, this is necessary, since you can’t simply change the username and password for a given network share…?

(By the way, in Windows 10 it’s bad as well: it’s easy to make it remember your logins, but making it forget your logins is well hidden in the “old” settings).

Anyway, I had the same problem: a non-deletable/editable network share, which is where my backups were stored. Before actually realizing something is wrong in Roon itself and finding the solution here, you may have been busy for at least half an hour.

It takes a full Roon Rock system reboot (not just restarting the Roon service) to clear the faulty entry of the ‘old’ network share. “Old” is quoted, because it’s still the exact same share, but with different cedentials.

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